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Butter Dal fry

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  Ingredients Toor Dal 1 cup soaked for 2 hours Moong dal ¼ cup soaked for 2 hours Turmeric powder ¼ tsp Green chillies 2 Grated ginger 1 tsp Grated garlic 1 tsp Salt to taste Ghee 2 tbsp Mustard seeds ½ tsp Cumin seeds ¼ tsp Dry red chilli 2 Onions ½ cup finely chopped Tomatoes ½ cup finely… Read more »

Vegetable Rice bath and Raitha.

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Ingredients: Potato 1-2 Carrot 1 Beans 10 Green peas 1 cup Other spices:Onion 1 Garlic 4-5 cloves Ginger small piece Coconut 1 hand full Green chilly 1-2 Bay leaves 2-3 Rice 1 cup Coriander leaves Curry leaves Cashew nuts 3-4 Cardamom 3 Cinnamon 1 small piece Ghee 7-8 spoons Turmeric Method In a cooker put 3-4 spoons of ghee and… Read more »

Tiranga Recipe

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We prepared these dishes specially for Independence day. It is a Tricolor recipe contains 3 dishes 1. Beans Sambar [Orange Color]2. Vermicelli Payasam [Kheer] [White Color]3. Palak Tambli/Tambuli [Green Color] Recipe of each dish is given below. Beans SambarIngredients: Beans 500gms Green Chilly 1-2 Tamarind Small piece Coconut 1 hand full Dry Red chillis 6-7 Cumin seeds 1 spoon Coriander… Read more »