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Sabudana Tikki

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Sabudana is a starch extract of Tapioca root. In Kannada, sabudana is called as sabakki. You can even make a delicious melt in mouth Kheer from sabakki. I intend to make it soon, so keep visiting my website, recipe coming soon. Sabudana is a common food during fast (Vrath). It is an energy booster, hence it is often used while… Read more »

Pasta with Creamy Butter Sauce

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Perfect creamy pasta to end my Friday. A bowl full of goodness only left more cravings. The pasta sauce is really easy to make. If you have fresh cream and pasta at home, then run to your kitchen and start cooking, I say so because it is that easy recipe to cook. Now, if you don’t have fresh cream, what… Read more »