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Sweet Pongal

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The first festival of the year is here-Happy Makara Sankranthi to all. It is one of the major festivals of Karnataka and also the suggi (harvest festival) for farmers. Throughout India, Sankranthi celebration takes different form and name, with different rituals, customs and activity. Lohiri, Pongal, Uttarayan, Magh bihu, Magh saaji are all different names of same auspicious day when… Read more »

Malai Lassi

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A beautiful blend of milk cream and yogurt mildly flavoured is a delight in itself. This drink is refreshing and cooling, making it perfect for a hot day. having its origin in Punjab, lassi has crossed boundaries and is household in every home during the summer. In Bangalore, we are slowly moving towards the winters, however I must say that… Read more »

Seven Cup Delight

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Ever wondered if you can make a hassle free sweet dish. This Deepavali I had a close encounter with my mothers busy kitchen schedule and I was in for surprise! Why? because I thought making 7 cup sweet was a big deal, and it was absolutely not. This sweet little thing is in news because of its simplicity. When i… Read more »


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The yummiest, softest, melt-in-mouth delight is finally here on my blog. These cheese dumplings dipped in lightly flavoured sugar syrup are a delight in itself. On the eve of our blog’s third anniversary I am treating you all; and hence this Rasgulla 🙂 3years ago on 15th of Aug we kick started our blog with Tiranga recipe. Our blog was… Read more »

Carrot Payasa (Carrot Kheer)

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Long weekend it was. My family was visiting us and we had lunch and dinner invitation from friends and Relatives. On one such visit I had this delicious dessert made by Sapna. As she explained I couldn’t wait to try This easy recipe. So thanks to Sapna for this simple yet healthy and tasty payasa or Kheer. Carrots are good… Read more »


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Phirni is a rice based delicious dessert which is very easy to make. Find the recipe below.   Ingredients Milk 3.5 Cups Rice 1/4 Cup Sugar 1/4 cup Cardamom 2 (powdered) Coconut milk 1/2 cup Green pista 6-7 Almonds  5-6 Method Soak the rice in water for 2-3 hours ; Grind it and make fine paste. In a dish mix… Read more »

Rava Kesari Bath

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Any south Indian meal is incomplete if it doesn’t contain a sweet. Sometimes we will not get enough time to prepare sweet. In That case Kesari Bath is very simple south Indian sweet.It requires very less ingredients and you can make it it very less time.   Ingredients: Chiroti rava 1&1/2 cup Ghee Sugar 1 cup Water  Cloves 2-3 Cardamom… Read more »

Carrot Halwa

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Ingredients: Grated Carrot   1KG Milk  1Ltr Sugar Cardamom Powder  1/4 tsp Raisins  20-30 Cashew nuts 20-30 Ghee Method: Soak grated carrot for 30 minutes. Boil water and put grated carrot to it. Boil it for 5-6 minutes. Add milk and sugar ; boil  it in low flame for about 1 hr. Keep stirring. Once milk is fully absorbed by carrot;… Read more »