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Andhra Style Veg Biryani

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My first attempt at cooking this 2 hours long Andhra Style Veg Biryani was a super duper success. I loved this aromatic Andhra style layered Biryani. I tried with just 1 cup of rice and some veggies, of course, this was my trial and it was (flavour) fully successful 😉I par boiled the rice and cooked gravy separately, layered them… Read more »

Baby Corn Pepper Fry

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I was very bored with usual vegetable dishes. I wanted to prepare something different, simple and quick. I thought of preparing corn soup. But when I went to the market I saw fresh baby corns.I decided to make a tasty Baby Corn pepper fry. It’s simple, fast and quite easy too. Baby Corn Pepper Fry is a spicy, tasteful, tempting… Read more »

Sprouted Moong Beans Kadhi

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Here I am presenting to you a healthy dish loaded with nutrients. I have used sprouted green gram to make a Kadhi. Sprouts are called super foods because of their protein, fibre and vitamin B content. Sprouts are sources  of complete nourishment. Now, I turned this super healthy food into a delicious Kadhi, a curd based gravy and it is… Read more »

Dahi Paneer

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A quick starter dish made absolutely in no time and finished in no time as well.All you need is handful of ingredients readily available in your kitchen counter and you are good to start. I sourced this recipe from a cookery show aired on a Malayalam channel and the recipe used chicken. I twisted it and threw in paneer instead… Read more »

Soya Chettinad

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I recently got this mini soya chunks from supermarket . This particular food item was long forgotten and I wondered how. Soya is one of the healthiest foods I must say, off course everyone knows about this protein rich goody. It can be used as an alternative to animal proteins, so vegetarians here is one protein supplement you mustn’t miss…. Read more »

Biscoot Ambode

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This one is a easy evening snack loved by all in coastal Karnataka. Biscoot Ambode when served with Udupi sambar or coconut chutney tastes heavenly. Urad dal is the main ingredient here. There is no fermentation of the batter required, so its indeed real quick in making. The batter for making Medhu vada is same as ambade, just the shapes… Read more »

Mughalai Gobi

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Yes, the name is royal and so is this simple dish. I chose to make this curry with gobi and it turned out to be a ‘finger-licking good!’ dish.Simple handy ingredients available at your kitchen is enough to create this magical curry that is good to go with rice and rotis.There are lot of other ways to make gobi curry,… Read more »

Spaghetti with roasted Brinjal and Green Vegetables

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Try this quick way of preparing healthy and tasty spaghetti dish. Ingredients: Spaghetti 200gm Green beans 1/2 cup Carrot 1/2 cup Cauliflower 1/2 cup Baby Brinjal 2 Chopped onion 1 Green Chillies 2 Butter 3tbsp Salt Method: Boil 3 cups of water. Add 1/2 tsp salt, beans,carrot and cauliflower and boil it for 7 minutes. Put the boiled vegetables to… Read more »

Aloo Dhania

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This Aloo Dhania recipe is inspired by a chicken dish’s recipe which was given in one of the local magazines. As a vegetarian I will use Aloo in place of chicken and replaced few ingredients and it gave a good result.I thought of sharing with you people. You can use Gobi,Carrot or any hard vegetables in place of Aloo. Here… Read more »

Mixed Veg Curry

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Beans is one of the vegetable which has significant amount of fibber and which helps in reducing the cholesterol. This curry is made up of Beans , aloo and green peas.This tastes well with Rotis and rice.   Ingredients:   Green Beans 350gms Potatoes-1 Onion 1  chopped finely Tomatoes 2 Garlic 5 cloves Ginger 1″ Mustard 1/2 tsp Cumin seeds… Read more »