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Biscoot Ambode

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This one is a easy evening snack loved by all in coastal Karnataka. Biscoot Ambode when served with Udupi sambar or coconut chutney tastes heavenly. Urad dal is the main ingredient here. There is no fermentation of the batter required, so its indeed real quick in making. The batter for making Medhu vada is same as ambade, just the shapes… Read more »

Tiranga Recipe

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We prepared these dishes specially for Independence day. It is a Tricolor recipe contains 3 dishes 1. Beans Sambar [Orange Color]2. Vermicelli Payasam [Kheer] [White Color]3. Palak Tambli/Tambuli [Green Color] Recipe of each dish is given below. Beans SambarIngredients: Beans 500gms Green Chilly 1-2 Tamarind Small piece Coconut 1 hand full Dry Red chillis 6-7 Cumin seeds 1 spoon Coriander… Read more »