Carrot Payasa (Carrot Kheer)


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Long weekend it was. My family was visiting us and we had lunch and dinner invitation from friends and Relatives. On one such visit I had this delicious dessert made by Sapna. As she explained I couldn’t wait to try This easy recipe. So thanks to Sapna for this simple yet healthy and tasty payasa or Kheer.

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Carrots are good for vision, I was repeatedly told this in my childhood when I picked them apart from my meal. I definitely love carrots now and they are always there in my pantry. Carrot Halwa has been always my favourite, And now I have one more guilt free dessert on my list.

I used full cream milk to make payasa, and topped it with dry fruits. This will be a hit with all age groups. This crunchy vegetable is going to be a delight for sure. This summer treat yourself to a healthy dessert.

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  • Carrots  3
  • Milk 500ml
  • Sugar 6-7 Tbsp
  • Cardamom powder 1 tsp
  • Cashew nuts 8-9
  • Raisins 8-9
  • Salt
  • Dry fruits

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  • Wash and peel the carrots. It is your choice whether you want to peel the skin or not, I would like the skin peeled.
  • Cook carrots, you can steam or pressure cook. Let it cool.
  • Meanwhile, bring milk to boil and let it simmer.
  • Add sugar and mix well. let flame be low.
  • Once carrots are cooled, grind them to a fine paste.
  • Add the carrot puree to the milk and mix well. Add a pinch of salt.
  • Bring the mixture to boil, adjust sugar and the thickness of the payasa.
  • Finally, add cardamom powder and dry fruits of your choice. You can fry the dry fruits in ghee before adding It to the dish.
  • Serve warm or chilled. Warm is best!

    Tip: Skip the dairy milk and use coconut milk for authentic payasa flavor. I have not tried yet, but will soon be giving it a try.!


    Recipe : Sapna Bhat.


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